Study Astronomy To Choose From A Range Of Exciting Jobs

Do you wish to study about the birth of stars and planets, about the solar system, about the evolution of galaxies across millions of years, or about many other mysteries about the universe? Are you worried about your career prospects? Are you confused as to what you can do with a degree in astronomy? Well, do not suppress your passion and interest in astronomy. A bright and promising career is waiting for you once you are able to successfully complete your course in astronomy.

The employment prospects for the students of astronomy vary according to the state or the country in which they are living and studying and also on the economy and the government funding of research. Further, there is a limited number of astronomy and space related jobs. But, the number of people seeking such jobs is also limited. You may be surprised to know but there are close to 20,000 astronomers only in the world. If you will join this group of rare professionals, you won’t be disappointed in finding a fulfilling career for yourself.

Generally, students who possess degrees in astronomy often take up the careers as educators, or researchers, or a combination of the two. There are many who work for the government, observatories, museums, newspapers, industries, and so forth.

The type of job that may be able to find for yourself will actually depend on your course or qualification that you possess in astronomy. A concentration in astronomy and physics, for example, includes a comprehensive and strict program of physics and calculus in addition to courses in astronomy. If you take up this course, you can very well find jobs related to astronomy, physics, and related fields.

A BA degree in astronomy, astronomy and physics, or planetary and space sciences would prepare you for, science management, scientific computing, scientific instrumentation, or science writing.

Astronomy students and scholars hold a variety of professional positions. While some work as assistants at science institutes, there are those who become curators and are commissioned as officers in armed services. In case you wish you can utilize your knowledge and skill in astronomy in other fields like economics, traffic engineering, computer programming, and data analysis, or even instrument programming in space observatory. You can use CAD programming skill for designing satellites and rocket projects.

To conclude, there are many rewarding career opportunities that are waiting for you after you complete your study of astronomy. Just study and work hard and make use of the right sources to find the best jobs in the industry.

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