The Most Mysterious Elements of Space-Black Holes

The space is a fascinating expanse of perhaps infinite magnitude wherein lie several hidden secrets. We don't know much about it; there is every possibility that there may be something dangerous lurking in there, yet we are compelled and attracted to it so intensely.

What is it the one thing about space that makes it so frightening yet interesting to the human mind? –   BLACK HOLES

Black Holes
Black holes are purported regions in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing can escape from it.

The fact that anything that enters a black hole will never be able to escape it makes them a frightening and at the same time intriguing subject. The first ever mention of black holes have been found in geologist John Michell's letters to  Henry Cavendish in 1783.

For a very long time, their existence was a matter of much debate in the scientific circles. However in 1971 all doubts and suspicions over the existence of black holes were put to rest when an X-ray binary star Cygnus X-1 was discovered to be a black hole.

Look what NASA found out!
In august 2012, NASA's WISE (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) mission discovered several black holes and galaxies which it calls hot DOG (Dust Obscured Galaxies)

The findings will help scientists figure out what happens once objects enter the inside of black holes. They will help them understand how black holes and galaxies evolve together and other such mystifying facts about them.

Were they always that bad?
Though they seem sinister but according to astronomers they may have helped in the formation of galaxies. According to a study done by German astronomers black holes had a role to play in the development of galaxies. It says that they might have brought matter closer and created conditions in which stars could form.

What can we expect from the future?
Black holes hold many a secrets of space and time. In the future we can expect to find out the answers to what happens when an object enters a black hole, how do they affect space and time and how are they able to create such powerful conditions to suck in anything that comes in contact with them.

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