Inflatable and Portable Planetariums – Explore the Benefits They Offer

A planetarium is an effective tool for students to attain and understand various astronomical concepts and can take interest in this branch of science. Portable and inflatable planetarium systems stand out not only in price but also in performance by putting a full-featured planetarium within the students' reach. For all astronomy students, astronomy related equipment act as the backbone of their education and research. In addition to this, there are many more equipment and tools like domes, projectors, binoculars, telescopes and cylinders – all these also make a remarkable difference in any student's learning experiences. However, all planetariums might seem to be equal, but they, in fact, differ in terms of elements including features, specifications, qualities and other related dimensions.

Planetarium models are available in either a portable or a fixed configuration. Portable version are gaining popularity rapidly as they can be set up anywhere you want and get an instant planetarium. The features like portability and ease of setting it up and using it permit you to have an immediate stars and planets gazing tool.

The major limitation with the fixed version of the planetariums is that they are designed to be bolted down for permanent installation in a form of a fixed dome. While portable and inflatable planetariums offer ample features at an affordable price as compared to the fixed version of planetariums.

When it comes to a portable version of planetariums, you can think of the many possibilities of owning your own fully-featured and easy to use planetarium at your disposal anytime and anywhere. You can then avert the hassles as well as the expense of organizing a field trip to some off-site planetarium. Simply use your projector as and when you need to teach your subjects and you can impart your lessons to your students in the portable planetarium. Inflatable domes are specifically designed with an emphasize on elements like portability, quick installation, and ease of use. The durable structure is ideal for using in remote areas, small classrooms, science fairs, etc.

Other benefits associated with portable planetarium systems:

  • It has the ability to offer unique programs in field entailing Astronomy, Biology, Geology, and much more.
  • Being flexible, the planetarium operator can easily navigate the on-site program based on the valuable feedbacks from the audience, in real time.
  • You can reach students participating in customized programs for varying age levels throughout the day or even night.
  • The system offers a 3D environment, so you are able to tour the deep space objects, within your classroom.

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