Facts About Venus

From the historic times, Venus, also known as the 'Morning star' or 'Evening star' has captured people's imaginations. Being the brightest planet, Venus is also known as a symbol of femininity and beauty.

Fanciful tales reveal that it is covered by thick clouds but filled with vegetation. Temperatures on the Venus surface are extremely hot to melt even lead. When you move fifty kilometers above the surface of Venus, temperatures become balanced for a warm spring day. An individual can survive at this level only with a breathing apparatus.

Just like Earth, Venus too accommodates silicon rock on its surface. That is why Venus is also called a terrestrial planet and considered as a sister planet of Earth. Although both are similar in size and composition, Venus has a comparatively denser atmosphere consisting carbon dioxide. Owing to this very reason, the chances of organic life on Venus are quite remote. 

When you want to know all about Venus, investing in a portable planetarium is a wise option. What is a planetarium? It is basically a theatre that is built and designed for educating people about astronomy and the night sky.

You can actually see the entire solar system that can be created by using several technologies including a full dome projector, laser, and slide projector. Also found in science centers, a portable planetarium engages youngsters, elders and even school children to know about the various hidden facts associated with different planets. 

The concept of planetarium is mainly to see the moon, sun, and all the planets from a close distance. It can be installed at almost any location and creates an incredibly interactive learning environment for students, which further enlivens the mysteries of the whole universe. Covering subjects like earth science, astronomy, physical science, weather patterns, geography, and navigation systems.


Whether you need a portable planetarium to teach your students about the facts of Venus or you need to train your scientists, finding an ideal one is not a challenging task. There are plenty of online stores that offer portable planetariums for all needs and purposes.

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