Benefits of digital projector

The majority of people still don’t have any idea about digital projectors and their purpose.  A digital projector is a device that projects the stars and planets on your walls and ceilings. Furthermore, digital projector enables you to experience the splendid beauty of the sky in the night. It has got a rotating base and compass point alignments so that you can adjust the digital projector according to your location and time. In addition, the digital projector not only makes your child learn about astronomical science but also gives them an opportunity to see the stars and other heavenly objects up close.

 Dome projector and digital projectors have become a great alternative if in case there is limited visibility and limited scope for mass observation of targeted heavenly objects. Because of the excessive artificial lightening in the cities, it is difficult to get a clear view of stars and planets in the sky. Therefore, more and more people are using gadgets like a digital projector, star projector or portable projector.

 The foremost important characteristics of the digital projector is its brightness and viability. It is needless to mention though, that these projectors always work in a dark room. To give the correct and precise images of the stars and heavenly objects these projectors have higher lumens and are considered perfect for the viewers. When you look at the sky through a digital projector or star projector all the images become clear and you can see the galaxies, solar systems and planets in all 4 seasons.

 Some other important features of a digital projector are:

  • Full dome coverage- 190° hemisphere down to a 36’’ eye level horizon.
  • Is based on user friendly software and is simple and easy to use.
  • It should have easy to follow method of navigating the sky that enables user to decide their level of interactivity.
  • The digital projector should be made by using heavy frame and metal components so that it is durable to use.

If you are buying digital projector for the first time, your key decision should be based on the purpose of use, be it for watching movies, teaching or presentations. Before buying your digital projector you need to focus on several key features like resolution, contrast and brightness.

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