Illinois Ambassadors

NAME:  Corinne Sosso

COMPANY NAME:  Discovery Center Museum

ADDRESS:  711 North Main
CITY:  Rockford,
ZIP:  61103


PHONE:  815-972-2842



STARLAB® Experience:
Trained in 1991 on the Classic Projector and dome; have conducted scores of training sessions for teachers, school districts, and museum staff and given hundreds of StarLab shows for ages preK – adult.


STARLAB® Experience: (digital/classic/dome size/cylinders)
Classic projector, Standard dome; Night Sky, Native American, Ancient Greek, African, Cell Biology, Weather, Ocean Currents, Plate Techtonics


ZIP CODE AREA COVERED:  Northern Illinois: 600xx; 601xx; 602xx; 604xx; 605xx; 606xx; 610xx; 611xx; 612xx; 613xx; 620xx; NW Indiana: 463xx; 464xx; Southern WI: 531xx; 534xx; 535xx; 537xx; 538xx; 539xx; 544xx; 546xx; 549xx; Eastern Iowa: 520xx; 527xx; 528xx

Have also taught graduate level intro to astronomy courses for teachers through my respective museums (AZ Science Center with Arizona State University and Discovery Center Museum with Aurora University). I am trained in Digistar II and Media Globe II and also conduct in-house  shows in Discovery Center’s planetarium.

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