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What Makes STARLAB® Portable Planetariums Unique?

The Starlab has been creating memories long before any other portable planetarium. First invented in the late 1970s, it has had a long and colorful history. With it, over a million students have gotten their first, and in many cases only, in depth look at a unspoiled night sky. The world has changed over the past 30 years, and so has the sky. Light pollution is now a problem for virtually every student or amateur astronomer. It is rare to find students, at any grade level, who have regularly seen the milky way with their own eyes.

Find Out Why Starlab is the Best Choice

The Starlab has changed with the times. We've updated our optics and light sources across several generations, giving teachers the use of the very latest in projection technology.

Every generation of Starlab, whether Classic or Digital, has been improved. It is not enough to use the best optics possible. The entire package must be durable enough to withstand the stress of the modern world. Above all, it must be easy enough for even a student to use.

The STARLAB® is, beyond a doubt, the finest portable planetarium to be found anywhere.

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Here are a few reasons why:

We have over 30 years of experience to draw on. We didn't just invent the portable planetarium, we constantly improve it.

Our Classic STARLABS are so simple elementary students can use them. Our Digital STARLAB can be operated by anyone with basic computer skills.

User base
There are more Starlabs in use than any other portable planetarium, period.

Starlabs have always been about giving you the most for your money. Per student, a Starlab is cheaper than field trips to a local planetarium.